LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer is a NewLaw process and tool that is significantly different in its approach to the provision of courtroom advocacy services than what the legal profession has traditionally employed. LawApp’s model delivers a more affordable way of you securing experienced legal representation.

LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer provides you with high quality representation at an affordable price because LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer practitioners may represent you and others before the same Court on the same day, meaning the costs are shared and you don’t have to pay premium rates. If you aren’t eligible for Legal Aid but you can’t (or don’t want to) pay the premium prices being charged by private practitioners operating in the OldLaw ways, you can secure affordable quality representation with LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer and you can do that at any time of the day or night via this seamless, easy to use online registration and payment web system.

Don’t think you’re getting an inferior practitioner, you’re not. LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer has very senior certified Barristers and Solicitors available to appear before the Courts.

If you would like a Lawyer to appear before a particular Court on a particular day and that listing is not already available via this web system, please contact us via the web form below and we will ensure that a Lawyer is available to appear before that Court on that day for you.