Affordable high quality legal representation is available to you from LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer.

LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer provides unbundled legal services to keep your legal spend down. Unbundled legal services are where you and your Lawyer agree to limit the scope of your Lawyer’s involvement in a legal matter, leaving responsibility for those other aspects of the case to you in order to save you money.

LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer also offers you a Lawyer, who may also represent other clients in the same court on the same day. Costs are shared so that you don’t have to pay premium rates. If you aren’t eligible for Legal Aid but you can’t (or don’t want to) pay the premium prices being charged by private practitioners operating in the OldLaw ways, you can secure affordable quality representation with LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer and you can do that at any time of the day or night via this seamless, easy to use online registration and payment web system.

Don’t think you’re getting an inferior practitioner, you’re not. LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer has very senior certified Barristers and Solicitors available to appear before the Courts.

LawApp | Better Get A Lawyer also provides a subpoena document inspection service and photocopying, scanning and OCR (optical character recognition) service.

If you would like a Lawyer to appear before a particular Court on a particular day and that listing is not already available via this web system, please contact us via the web form below and we will ensure that a Lawyer is available to appear before that Court on that day for you.

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